On December 7th of last year (about a month before the world imploded), I had the absolute pleasure of hosting some of my very favorite people at Portland’s most guffaw-inducing theater, The Siren.

It was a night to celebrate the finishing of the first draft of my manuscript, as well as a night to celebrate people who are scared shitless to do stuff, but do it anyway.

My upcoming book, Okay Fine Whatever: The Year I Went From Being Afraid of Everything to Only Being Afraid of Most Things is a series of essays wherein I did things that scared me and wrote about them. I asked some writer friends to come tell stories in that same vein, and they didn’t disappoint.

The night featured:

  • Daniel H. Wilson on reading the comments even though everyone tells you not to
  • Chelsea Cain on the snakes she has known and touched
  • John Henry Bourke on giving up the rock star ghost…and also not
  • Lidia Yuknavitch on giving a TED talk with an uncooperative digestive system; and
  • Christine McKinley on finding the will to live right before you’re about to die.

I told a rather humiliating story about taking a fellatio class. I now regret it. A little.

I’m so grateful to these writers and musicians for creating what was one of my all-time favorite creative nights. The audience was warm and kind and generous, and the writers were unflinchingly honest. I felt honored to be there.

The show is below. I hope you’ll listen.

This show, and my book, are both brought to you in part by a generous grant from the Regional Arts and Culture Council. Thanks, RACC!



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